WTF we're here to do.

Rebel Rebel is a no-rules natural wine bar in Somerville's Bow Market. We give a fuck (about wine and about you). We believe a wine bar can be a place for the community to engage, grow, and communicate. We also believe in the power of natural wine to bring us back to the foundations of our connection to farmers, to women, and to the planet. Think that sounds like a bunch of woo-woo bullshit? Come hang out and let us show you what we do. 

Some nitty-gritty.

We’re a bar. We’re JUST a bar. You know how sometimes you go out for cocktails or hang at a pub? Maybe you get a snack, maybe you just chill and talk about how Carol at work is JUST THE WORST? It’s like that, but with wine.

We don’t take reservations. We don’t have a full menu (but our cheese tray from Formaggio Kitchen is bomb, our olives are salty, and our olive-oil-fried potato chips come all the way from Spain). We don’t do flights or pairings. We’re a small bar (20 seats inside, 20 outside), so don’t roll through with your whole office unless you’re cool rubbing up against each other (even Carol).

We do have bomb-ass wine, badass female bartenders who know a thing or two about a thing or two, more than a decade of experience in natural wine, and a no-bullshit attitude that guarantees you’ll get the best of what we’ve got, no matter what.

Leave your misogyny, your homophobia, your racism, your classism, your ableism, your patriarchy, your gender bias, and all your other bullshit at the door, ‘cause that shit will get you kicked out real quick.

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