Rabasco Rabsco.... Iole Rabasco


Rabasco, Rabasco… Iole Rabasco.

I love to drink wine made by women. I like to eat food made by women.

So, I cooked something & drank this wine.

I recommend doing the same.

Iole Rabasco has about 11 hectares in Abruzzo, in Pianella to be specific. 

Her soil is pure. 

Her wine is too.

It’s alive and it’s lively; like green strawberries that are still small and new.

Right when you pop this bottle your mouth starts watering. 

You’re transported to her mountaintop estate.

The Adriatic Sea, a 25 minute drive East, is in the glass. 

It’s zinging coral-colored montepulciano that, as it warms a little in the sun (we’re eating new potatoes, little wax beans, chunks of summer tomatoes swiped through aioli on a porch somewhere), reveals hardy warm weather herbs like thyme & lovage…sour cherries galore.

Rabasco’s vineyard site sits on calcareous clay with alluvial sediment and fossil remains. In ancient times glaciers carved up Abruzzo and the rivers that followed those glaciers carried the sediment rich with biological material (now fossilized). 

These Cancelli vines are growing on the Southwest exposure. Rabasco looks to the astronomical calendar as a guide for working in the fields and the cellar, and they practice biodynamically with respect to the future and the past.

There’s no filtration, fining, and never any sulfur whatsoever in her wines; it’s pure naked wine.

For a jolt of beauty see her unadulterated lands, here.