K, Syrah Syrah!

BY: Grace Wexler  @grace_wex

BY: Grace Wexler


Yes! This is the map I was talking about! That’s Tarn!

Yes! This is the map I was talking about! That’s Tarn!

What is it?

Bubbly Syrah from South Western France! ( Tarn to be more specific, Gaillac to be even MORE specific. ( See the map on the left)

Who made it??

Marine Leys. She’s worked with other winemakers and even used to work in film production in France, Canada, Ireland and Turkey. Now she has her own land ( about 5 ha) in Gaillac and she’s Making amazing wines from mostly indigenous Tarn varietals ( think Duras, Mauzac, Braucol). Thank goodness she is because this juice is pure heaven!

A sparkling RED you say?

Oh yeah, I said it.

But what is it like?!

Imagine nestling the tip of your nose into a soft fluffy bouquet, tiny bubbles come and cuddle up to you carrying with them gentle notes of cranberry, ripe strawberry… is that… roses?? Plunging deeper you let the vibrant red liquid wash over your tongue and all your senses. The gentle cranberry transforms into wild, fresh, tart, BOUNCY cranberry. Tiny blueberries pop on your palate- dancing and bobbing between each bud. Fresh spring leaves burst forth on the branches of the trees that line your path as you pirouette into the warm afternoon! .... I don’t know, it’s kind of like that.

How does Marine make it bubbly?

Ancestral Method baby. After the grapes are harvested and destemmed, the juice ferments in fiberglass tanks for 3 months. Just when the wine is nearly done fermenting, she takes it (no filtering!) and bottles it up! That way, the fermentation finishes in the bottle and the CO2 that is produced by the yeast eating up the rest of the sugars is trapped inside until it can reveal itself as delicious bubbles in your glass!

But where can I get it?

…. What do you think! At Rebel Rebel of course!