Rebel Rebel Quasi-Newsletter Vol.1

*You asked for it, and we delivered! The news of the day--what's on the horizon for Rebel Rebel, what's going on in the world of wine, and what we're talking about and listening to behind the bar! Each week I'll be sharing upcoming events Rebel Rebel is hosting, or local events that you shouldn't miss. And like the librarian I wish I was, I'll be recommending a few articles about the broader world of wine, hospitality and feminism. Think of it as a quasi-Rebel Rebel newsletter. All the news worth reporting, reported!*

Actual Photo of @wwwmaia researching this piece.  BY: Maia Fleming

Actual Photo of @wwwmaia researching this piece.

BY: Maia Fleming


What we’re listening to:

"I’ll Drink to That!" podcast, episode 463, “The School of Hard Rocks”

A thorough, easy-to-understand breakdown of rock and soil types by geologist and terroir specialist Brenna Quigley. Recommended by Danielle!

Lizzo’s new album on repeat. Duh.


What we’re looking forward to:

Tuesday, May 7th Faith Armstrong Foster visits Rebel!

Come hang with none other than Faith Armstrong Foster, mistress of California’s finest natural wines (and proprietress of Onward Wines). We’ve loved Onward Wines for years and years, and we’re SO PSYCHED to have Faith joining us. She’ll be here to answer all of your burning Cali natty questions, and we’ll pour a range of her wines for your delight. 8PM ‘til late! This is a free event that’s open to the public—come one, come all!

Saturday, May 25th 12-1 pm CBD for Stress and Sleep

Are you CBD-curious? Heard about the amazing health benefits of this hemp-based product and want to learn more? Join Emily Kanter of Cambridge Naturals for an informative and interactive talk on CBD for stress, sleep and healthy pain management, and try some of our favorite CBD products yourself! Ticket includes a take-home sample of topical CBD and a 20% off coupon for a CBD product of your choice at Cambridge Naturals.

What we’re reading:

How Natural Wines Develop Reductive Notes

“Unlike traditional wines ‘that are saturated with sulfur dioxide and will remain stable without any possibility for evolution in one direction or the other,’ says Valette, ‘natural wine with little or no sulfur doesn’t block the wine’s natural chemistry, which means that in some cases, at certain periods in the life of a wine, it can lead to reductive or oxidative phases.’”

The science behind reductive notes in wine, and a balanced take on why they can be prevalent in natural wine in particular. We agree with Lena Mattson's experience pouring natural wine--reductive notes aren't a huge concern, and they typically disappear after the first glass.

Why Is the Wine Industry Ignoring Black Americans’ $1.2 Trillion Buying Power?

And the excellent article it references from 2016:

Drinking While Black: One Woman’s Dilemma

“‘People aren’t talking to us, period,’ Tanisha Townsend, a wine educator and consultant, says. She’s speaking about the wine industry’s ‘old-fashioned’ approach to consumer marketing — one that doesn’t aim to reach drinkers who aren’t white. The majority of wine advertising and marketing, and many of the industry’s cultural gatekeepers, don’t appear to recognize the diverse preferences or buying power of the black market.”

The wine industry needs to be more inclusive. Period. And it needs to acknowledge its race issue.

The Big Reverb of Australia’s Lo-Fi Wine Movement

“With their emphasis on minimalist winemaking and organic or biodynamic farming, these producers have unintentionally become a sort of conscience to the industry, a voice in the heads of wine drinkers everywhere, asking questions that go beyond taste to issues of health, morality and philosophy, all while making wine that ranges from delicious to profound.”

An overview of the growing natural wine movement in Australia, and the debate the movement is sparking.

It’s Getting Harder to Tell the Difference Between Wine, Beer, and Cider

“I was a late adopter, but hey, I eventually made it to the world of natural wine. And it was then that I started to notice that as the wine, beer, and cider that I drank got more rebellious, they also became more and more similar to one another.”

A short article, but it highlights some of our favorite producers, including Oyster River Winegrowers (stop by Rebel Rebel to try their Hoboken Station Cider!)

Getting to Know Piquette, a Wine-Adjacent Spritzer

“Pretty much everyone [in the U.S.]—save for about eight people—is completely in the dark about piquette.”

Not for long! A common practice in Europe, more and more American winemakers are beginning to produce piquette. Low ABV, perfect for the summer, piquette is 1.) sustainable and 2.) delicious.