Rebel Rebel Quasi-Newsletter Vol.2

You asked for it, and we delivered! The news of the day--what's on the horizon for Rebel Rebel, what's going on in the world of wine, and what we're talking about and listening to behind the bar! Each week I'll be sharing upcoming events Rebel Rebel is hosting, or local events that you shouldn't miss. And like the librarian I wish I was, I'll be recommending a few articles about the broader world of wine, hospitality and feminism. Think of it as a quasi-Rebel Rebel newsletter. All the news worth reporting, reported!*

What We’re Reading:

Lauren Friel is Making Boston Drinking Culture a Little Less Bro-y


Check out this dope write-up on Lauren and on Rebel Rebel. Meghan Nesmith gets it.

“‘We decided on all natural wines for two reasons,’ Friel says. ‘First, the damage that conventional, industrial wine making does to the environment is terrifying, frankly. The other is that natural wine, because it always has been kinda scrappy, is more inclusive of young people, women, people of color, and queer people. It’s also just more fun.’”

Favorite throwaway detail from the article:

“Her neon yellow acrylics tapdance along the rows…”

Lauren’s nails have been on point this week, and I’m glad someone else noticed.

How The Boston Area’s Female Wine Experts Are Breaking The (Wine) Glass Ceiling

“Hayes also sees a correlation between the rising popularity of natural wines — her own specialty — and the preponderance of women leading area wine programs. The natural wine community’s focus on sustainable practices, Hayes points out, reflects its compassionate and accepting outlook overall.”

We  ladies at Rebel Rebel feel privileged to work in a city with so many talented female wine professionals, and we agree with Lauren Hayes that it’s no coincidence natural wine can be found on more lists across the city. Let’s lean into the trend!

How Does Your Love of Wine Contribute to Climate Change?

“All these measures barely scratch the surface, unfortunately. To really make informed choices, consumers need to know what wineries are doing in the step is too small. The least we can do is make climate issues more urgent in our own lives, and to pass that message on to others.”

We need to ask more of the wine we drink, and wine production in general, in our changing world.

Turn It Off: Why The Wine Industry Should Prioritise Dry-Farming

“...before there can be organic, natural, green, zero-carbon or biodynamic wines with any authenticity to help us in this quest, there have to be ‘dry-farmed’ wines.”

It’s not Waterworld yet, so let’s dry-farm!

What ‘Wine Country’ Gets Right (And Wrong) About Wine Tasting in Napa Valley

One of many think-pieces about the Netflix movie. We at Rebel Rebel heartily enjoyed it, even if it wasn’t completely accurate to the Napa Valley experience. Let’s address the infamous natural vineyard scene, though, and what exactly “wine diamonds” are:

What The Heck Are Tartrates? And Do They Signal That Something Is Wrong With The Wine?

“The higher quality your bottle of wine is, the more likely you are to see tartrates. That’s because on the lower end of the wine spectrum, the wine is often cold stabilized in order to filter the tartrates out.”

Short, sweet, and science-heavy! Older article that breaks down what those crystals are at the bottom of your glass, and why they’re a good sign.  


We’re Mad as Hell.

Alabama y’all. Another move to overturn Roe v. Wade and use female bodies as political chess pieces. Not on our watch. We launched #RoseForResistance to bring together local businesses to help women in Alabama, donating 100% of our rose sales to the Yellowhammer Fund

Emily Isenberg, of Isenberg Projects, has helped spread awareness and support for our fundraising efforts. Check out the website #RoseForResistance for participating partners and other restaurants donating rose sales this weekend. We’ve had tons of wine donated to the cause--special shout-out to Vineyard Road, Olmstead Wine, Violette Imports, Louis Dressner Selections, Oz Wine Co. and Birichino out in Cali.

On that note:

Events to Fight the Patriarchy!

Memorial Day Monday Bake Sale! 11am - 1pm

Bake Sale to support Planned Parenthood. Sweet treats for sale $5 a pop; all proceeds go towards supporting our choices and our bodies.

Tuesday, May 28 A Fundraiser For Abortion Access 6-8 PM

Organized by The Cauldron, a radical feminist social practice that focuses on transformative experiences through intentional gathering, vulnerability and fostering community. 100% of rose sales at Rebel and event ticket prices go to The National Network of Abortion Funds. Buy your tickets here .

Other Rebel Rebel Events:

Sunday, May 19 Searching for the Holy Grail of Wild Mushrooms w/ Tyler Akabane 12-  1 PM

This class is for anyone interested in learning about some of the world’s most sought after mushrooms! In this class we will cover the who what where and why’s of why these fungi claim such high prices, as well as how to find some of them around here! We will also go over some of the wild plants and fungi of mid spring that should be out in our area RN.

Tickets available via Eventbrite

What We’re Listening to:

If you’re a member of the Glou-Glou Illuminati you listen to the wine podcast “Natural Disasters” produced by natural wine enthusiasts Marissa Ross and Adam Vourvoulis. It’s been on hiatus but it returned last week with a new episode and a new season! Check it out if you haven’t before.

Carly Rae released her new album, finally, sooo…