BY: Claire Cerda


A couple of weekends ago, I escaped the almost-spring-but-not-really cold weather in Boston and visited San Francisco, CA to attend the 4th annual Brumaire wine festival. Brumaire is organized by Bradford Taylor of Ordinaire wine bar, Josh Eubank of Percy Selections, Quinn Kimsey-White of Psychic Wines, and Matt Coelho of Woods Beer Co. By opening up Brumaire to the public, they are supporting winemakers that have made a conscious decision to make wine naturally, with nothing added or removed in the cellar. They’re also at the forefront of what the Brumaire organizers call a revolution. This revolution is radically shifting people’s expectations and approach to wine. To further demonstrate this, on their Brumaire poster, they list the following quote by philosopher and literary critic Walter Benjamin, “In every era, the attempt must be made to wrest tradition anew from the conformism that persistently tries to overtake it.” This quote set the tone for the entire event. Brumaire 2019 featured more than 40 producers from around the world. It was held at Starline Social Club in Oakland, CA which was a historic saloon space converted into an event space and bar. Upstairs there was a big, open ballroom area where a lot of the more established wine makers were pouring and downstairs were the “young guns” or folks pouring wines from their first or second vintages.

I didn’t get a chance to try everyone’s wines, but here are a few producers I really enjoyed meeting that you should check out too!:

  • La Onda by winemaker Dani Rozman from the Sierra Foothills in California

  • Sonoma Mountain Winery from winemaker Nic Coturri in the Sonoma region in California

  • La Garagista from winemaker Dierdre Heekin in Vermont

  • Fable Farms from winemakers Jon and Chris Piana in Vermont

  • ZAFA wines from winemaker Krista Scruggs in Vermont

  • Julie Balagny from winemaker Julie Balagny in Fleurie (Beaujolais) in France

  • Marto Wines by winemaker Martin Otto Wörner from the Rheinhessen region in Germany

  • Kindeli Wines from winemaker Alex Craighead in Nelson, New Zealand

  • Populis from winemakers Diego Roig, Sam Baron, and Shaunt Oungoulian in Mendocino county in California

  • Cote de Cailloux from winemaker Jacques Mathieu from Sonoma Valley in California

  • Zumo from winemaker Diego Perez made in Oakland, California

  • Artemis Botanical Wines from winemaker Ian McCarthy in Richmond, California

You can find Julie Balagny and La Garagista’s wine at Rebel Rebel. Come check ‘em out!