The Buzz on Il Musticco

BY: Margot Mazur  @solomargot

BY: Margot Mazur


About ‘Il Musticco’:

  • Varietal: Ciliegiolo and Gamay de Trasimeno

  • Vintage: 2017

  • Region: Umbria, Italy

  • Sulfur: None added!

  • Aged in: fiberglass barrels

Tiberi Il Musticco

There are wines that make you think, and then there are wines that make you feel. For me, Frederico and Beatrice Tiberi’s ‘Il Musticco’ is the latter. It’s a wine that takes me back to a summer day in Portland, Oregon, walking through the rose gardens in SE, laying down right on the grass that makes you feel like you’re in a Monet painting set between Hawthorne and Division.

This delightful sparkler is a blend between Ciliegiolo and Gamay de Trasimeno (which is actually Grenache, and not Gamay at all). On the nose, ‘Il Musticco’ is your first love—absolutely pretty. Roses and bright cherries sing their way out of the glass. If A Midsummer Night’s Dream had a wine pairing, this would be it. On the palate, a minerality comes out that gives this wine its backbone and character. It’s an irresistible blend of salty, limey, and fruity that makes you want to get on a plane to Umbria right this minute and hug the winemakers.

The name and label of ‘Il Musticco’, for Beatrice Tiberi’s childhood nickname, couldn’t be more fitting. It’s whimsical and light, pointing back to a sort of child-like sense of fun. Drink it with friends.