Life Lessons We Can Learn From Nouveau Style Wines ( And Wasenhause's Baden Nouveau)

BY: Grace Wexler  @grace_wex

BY: Grace Wexler



Life Lessons We Can Learn from Nouveau Style Wines

( And Wasenhause’s Baden Nouveau)

1.Don’t take yourself so seriously.

Nouveau style wine is young and fresh and mostly uncomplicated. It’s a good reminder that like a lot of things, wine doesn’t always have to be a serious stroking your moustache in a buttondown, contemplating the virtues of different vintages affair. Sometimes the best thing to do is laugh and glug!


As a style,Nouveau is born from Beaujolais Nouveau: a youthful release just months after the grapes were harvested that same year. Nouveau is a wine that celebrates the end of a years harvest, a celebration of the wines to come! We can always find a reason to celebrate and Nouveau style wines is just one of those reasons.

3.Relax after a hard day ( or a hard harvest)

After harvest has completed, the vines close their sleepy eyes and go into dormancy, and the barrels and vats of juice sit wiggling and fermenting, winemakers and farmers alike kick off their boots and crack open their nouveau. Don’t forget to reward yourself and relax after a day of hard work, not just with a glass of vino but with a snuggly nap or a hot bath too.

4.Share with friends!

A bottle of nouveau ( or any wine really) is the perfect size to share. It’s a nice reason to get the group together and enjoy some good company and some nice fresh flavors. Some of the best things in life are even better when shared with people around you!


Grab a glass and cheers to the young, happy, fresh flavors of Nouveau!

This special Nouveau style wine is from Kaiserstühl in Baden ( thats just to the east of Colmar and the French border with Germany, ). Unlike Beaujolais Nouveau its made from Pinot Noir grapes ( and made in Baden not Beaujolais obviously). This Baden Nouveau from Wasenhaus maintains bright youthfulness with popping flavors of blueberries and currants. What really sets this wine apart from other glou glou glasses however is its rich earthiness. Dense aromas of juniper, violets and cedar greet you on the nose and translate just as boldly on the palate bringing out a peaty quality that reminds of digging your palms into fresh potting soil. This Baden Nouveau is just springy enough to go down easy but leaves enough to contemplate that you keep coming back for another sip. Why not take all five lessons you learned above and try ‘em out with a glass of Baden Nouveau at Rebel Rebel.