Hausherr? Oh Sure!

BY: Grace Wexler  @grace_wex

BY: Grace Wexler


Who made it: Hubert and Heidi Hausherr

What it’s called: Aussitôt Bue

Where it’s from:Alsace

What it is technically: A cuvée of Auxerrois, Sylvaner and Pinot Gris

What I thought of it: I drank this prickly, mineraly, fresh golden hued juice on the day of our first big Boston snow storm. I love a wine that I want to stick my nose in and inhale for hours and this alsation star had so many layers that I could have done just that. Give it a swirl-wet rocks. Give it a sniff- geraniums. Put that sniffer right in close- preserved lemon and the leaves from tomatoes! On the palate this wine has such punchy, bright citrusy acidity that made me think of lemon peel, lemon juice and kumquat. Bottom line: yes we drank the whole bottle and yes it was golden to the last drop.